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CE Rohs IP66 outdoor waterproof electronics terminal enclosures boxes from China 280x190x180MM / 11.02x7.48x7.09 inch

  • Outdoor Electronics Terminal Enclosures Boxes

    Suitable for electric and electronic control equipment, DIY projects, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, large factories, coastal factories, terminal water treatment facilities, all kinds of natural disaster prevention equipment in harsh industrial environment. 

    Product adopts plastic bolt design, preventing loss effectively, 1/4 weight of metal box, UV resistant, impact resistanct, corrosion resistanct, long life, good insulation performance, easy processing.

    Product Name:  CE ROHS IP66 outdoor waterproof electronics terminal enclosures boxes
    Model Number:  RPIB-2819-1
    Protection Level:  IP66
    Type:  AG Series
    External Size:  280x190x180MM / 11.02x7.48x7.09 inch
    Material:  ABS/PC
    Mini order:  20pcs
    Lead time:  7-20 days as per qty
    Tolerances: +/-1MM
    Pictures: Terminal Enclosure Box 11.02x7.48x7.09 inch

    Terminal Enclosure Box 280x190x180

    Terminal Enclosure Box 280x190x180MM
    Plastic electrical box and cover
  • Other sizes:

    All AG Series Waterproof Enclosures
    Model Number External Dimensions Model Number External Dimensions

    2.56x1.97x2.17 inch


    3.74x2.56x2.17 inch

    RPIB-0609-1 95x65x75MM
    3.74x2.56x2.95 inch
    RPIB-0811-S 80x110x45MM
    3.15x4.33x1.77 inch
    RPIB-0811 80x110x70MM
    3.15x4.33x2.76 inch
    RPIB-0811-1 80x110x85MM
    3.15x4.33x3.35 inch
    RPIB-0813 80x130x70MM
    3.15x5.12x2.76 inch
    RPIB-0813-1 80x130x85MM
    3.15x5.12x3.35 inch
    RPIB-0816-S 80x160x55MM
    3.15x6.30x2.17 inch
    RPIB-0816 80x160x70MM
    3.15x6.30x2.76 inch
    RPIB-0818 80x180x70MM
    3.15x7.09x2.76 inch
    RPIB-0818-1 80x180x85MM
    3.15x7.09x3.35 inch
    RPIB-0825 80x250x70MM
    3.15x9.84x2.76 inch
    RPIB-0825-1 80x250x85MM
    3.15x9.84x3.35 inch
    RPIB-1010-S 100x100x70MM
    3.94x3.94x2.76 inch
    RPIB-1010 100x100x75MM
    3.94x3.94x2.95 inch
    RPIB-1010-1 100x100x80MM
    3.94x3.94x3.15 inch
    RPIB-1212-S 125x125x75MM
    4.92x4.92x2.95 inch
    RPIB-1212 125x125x100MM
    4.92x4.92x3.94 inch
    RPIB-1217 125x175x75MM
    4.92x6.89x2.95 inch
    RPIB-1217-1 125x175x100MM
    4.92x6.89x3.94 inch
    RPIB-1417 140x170x95MM
    5.51x6.69x3.74 inch
    RPIB-1417-1 140x170x110MM
    5.51x6.69x4.33 inch
    RPIB-1717 175x175x100MM
    6.89x6.89x3.94 inch
    RPIB-1520-S 150x200x100MM
    5.91x7.87x3.94 inch
    RPIB-1520 150x200x115MM
    5.91x7.87x4.53 inch
    RPIB-1520-1 150x200x130MM
    5.91x7.87x5.12 inch
    RPIB-1525 150x250x100MM
    5.91x9.84x3.94 inch
    RPIB-1525-1 150x250x130MM
    5.91x9.84x5.12 inch
    RPIB-2020-S 200x200x95MM
    7.87x7.87x3.74 inch
    RPIB-2020 200x200x130MM
    7.87x7.87x5.12 inch
    RPIB-2020-1 200x200x145MM
    7.87x7.87x5.71 inch
    RPIB-2819 280x190x130MM
    11.02x7.48x5.12 inch
    RPIB-2819-1 280x190x180MM
    11.02x7.48x7.09 inch
    RPIB-2828 280x280x130MM
    11.02x11.02x5.12 inch
    RPIB-2828-1 280x280x180MM
    11.02x11.02x7.09 inch
    RPIB-3819 380x190x130MM
    14.96x7.48x5.12 inch
    RPIB-3819-1 380x190x180MM
    14.96x7.48x7.09 inch
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