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How to turn new concept into products?

How to have new products manufactured?

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Many people have great ideas of new product, but they might do not know what next?
If you want to turn your ideas into real products, you need to know:

1, What are they made of?
Usually, different materials are made by different processing. For example, when your new project is a metal part, you should not find a plastic manufacturer.

2,Do you know what the processing it should be?

If it is made of metal, do you know what the processing it should be? If not sure, do you have samples or prototypes available? All manufacturers custom make parts as per samples or prototypes or 3D drawings. If you have more than one samples/protoypes available, you can send one to the manufacturer to know whether it is in their field. For us, if it is not within our capabilities, we can usually help to transfer the sample/prototype to other factories as per the customer's request. Metals are usually made by die casting(it is also called metal injection molding or MIM), stamping, or extruding.
If it is made of plastic, they can usually be made by plastic injection molding, blow molding, rotocasting, extruding, rotational molding,etc. Also, plastic injection molding is the widest used method. For which processing, it depends on the design or constructure of the part. If you are not sure, come to us for help.

3,What should you prepare?

Enough budget on it. Then a prototype or sample or 3D design drawings.To make prototypes, you can find a local rapid prototyping company to do it. If just need to be similar to an existing product, you can get a similar sample from existing market, and tell the manufacture where you need modifications. If it is not new, just need to duplicate, you can easily get a sample. To make 3D part design drawing, you can hire professional indusrial designer from local or from some freelancer website like And then send the drawing to the manufacturer, the manufacturer must know whether the part design is tool-ready or not, get it quoted and manufactured.

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