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China plastic injection molding

China plastic injection molding, Short Run Small Quantity Low Volume Accepted

  • Where and How to find a right plastic injection molding company?

    You know, plastic injection molding is the most widely used processing for fabrication of plastic parts, besides some other processing like blow molding, extruding, rotational, rotocasting, etc. So it is really good to know something about how to fnd a good plastic injection molding company and get a quote for the mold as well as the related parts unit price.

    First, you should choose a right factory. There is an old saying in China: 门当户对.  Translated to English: right door fits right window. It is usually used when a man marry a woman. That means, if the man is rich, usually the woman should be rich, when the man is excellent usually the woman should be excellent. Even it is not always that case, but in old China, there are so many tragedies when "the right door fits a wrong window". So it is also quite important that whether you have found the right factory. When you need a very precised mold, you ask price from a very small mold shop, when you need a mold, you ask price from a texitile factory, when you need a plastic injection mold, you ask price from a metal parts manufacturer, when you need a plastic injection mold, you ask price from a blow molding or extruding factory; that's all in a wrong direction...

    Second,  you should know your project and your customer very well. If your customer is highly required, say Aerospace industry, especially for some functional parts, the mold should be very precised and the parts should look perfect, of course you need to find a mold manufacturer who is very good at making precised high quality molds. If the parts are just used for assemblies and inside of some other parts, that the mold can be just OK, as long as the parts can be assembled well inside and durable.

    In addition, to know your project, it also refer to the design of the part. If the parts can be changed a little but not affecting the function and looking, you can also modify the design to save cost sometimes. For example, If the side holes can be removed, no sliders should be applied for the mold, then the mold cost can be saved.

    Last but not least, mold life with mold steel is an important price driver. When the quantity is not big, that means the mold life can be short, the mold steel can be usually softer and cheaper if nothing special(say special transparent material like PMMA) required, then of course the mold can be cheaper.

  • What Materials we are doing with?

    With decades of custom plastic injection molding experience, we are doing with many different types of plastic, rubber and silicone materials, such as:
    PP, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PA6, PA66, Nylon, PMMA, Acrylic, PVC, PU, TPU, PC, PS, HIPS, PC/ABS, POM, EVA, TPR, TPE, Rubber, Silicone, Delrin, PBT

    Special Requirements, such as:
    Nylon+30%Glass Fiber(GF), ABS anti-UV, ABS anti-fire V0, PP food grade, Silicone shore 50, food grade, PA6+flame retardant, transparent PC, PBT+10%GF Vo

  • What others we can help?

    1, We accept short run/low volume/small quantity production to support customer's marketing
    Mold design can be provided free of charge after mold deposit
    3, We are able to help to source other assemblies or components if needed, such as electronics elements, screws and nuts, cables, packing boxes, etc.
    4, We are able to do assembling if required

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